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Do you want to decrease your payments and expenses for your in-service annual training? Let us show you how to exponentially decrease your payments and expenses for your in-service annual training! Nevvon’s mobile App solution, provides convenient, cost effective and quality training for your caregivers. Imagine replacing the hassle of orchestrating live training sessions for hundreds or thousands of caregivers with a touch of an app. Nevvon has made compliance regulations our top business priority, so that you can focus on your business. Learn more today!

About us

Nevvon’s mission is to enhance employee performances by enabling companies to make powerful decisions based on data-driven knowledge.

We built a one-of-a-kind technologically advanced online education system to enhance the healthcare education sector and collect data to help companies that deploy high turnover, low-income employees.

Instructional design, e-learning, animation, 3D unity, augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning are integral parts of our e-learning solution.

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We are health care providers that understand your struggles and have compliant cost-effective solutions for you. Compliance is of utmost importance while reducing margins and high turnover of frontline staff, aligning with value-based payments using technology to gain more and spend less.


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