About us

You First.

We built a one-of-a-kind technologically advanced online education system. Enhancing the healthcare education sector by collecting machine intelligent data to help companies that deploy high turnover, low-income employees.

Nevvon’s mission is to enhance employee performances by enabling companies to make powerful decisions based on data-driven knowledge.

Instructional design, e-learning, animation, 3D unity, augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning are integral developing parts of our mobile learning solution.

Nevvon is guided by three values:


Our products reflect what you are looking for today to create a better tomorrow


Our products are intuitive and straightforward


Our company’s DNA is progressive. It’s evident in our technology, our education techniques and the industry in which we are experts in

Whenever necessary, we meet all compliance requirements to get the job done right. Our stakeholders will benefit from our simple, relevant and progressive way of doing it all.

We are driven by the excitement of building new technology and providing services that enrich companies and their employees.

The founders of Nevvon have deep domain experience in senior care and we have strategically chosen the caregiver industry as our first vertical. With offices in three different continents, we are striving to accomplish diversity and employ various different perspectives in the caregiver industry.

Nevvon is committed to helping every customer become the best-run business.

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