Development Manager- Hands-on

We are looking for a talented, visionary developer with management skills to join us at this critical point of our start-up life. Someone who will join us in founding our in-house tech team and scaling our system. If you are looking for the opportunity to grow and create something you can call your own, we are it. 

Job Overview

Nevvon delivers a modern, web-based data-driven platform, that helps caregiver agencies manage training programs and track progress through a customized experience integrating all necessary touch-points.

We are looking for a motivated Engineer (preferably full-stack) to found our in house small (2-5 employees) development team. This engineer will also take active part in developing the system and will be an integral part of the team (this is a HANDS-ON position 🙂 )

In this role, you will be responsible for bringing the code in-house while recruiting an in-house team.

You will have the opportunity to grow rapidly in a fast-paced, young organization.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Assume ownership and responsibility of the end to end software development cycle.
  • Engage with relevant parties (product, COO, 3rd party software teams) to define and plan the development of principal platform components.
  • Meeting with the software development team to define the scope and scale of software projects.
  • Looking back and assisting in the system architecture design.
  • Contributing to the design and implementation of scalable web services, applications and APIs.
  • Developing and maintaining internal software tools. 


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering or Computer Science.
  • Proficiency with web-based backend software development, including one of Java / Scala / Node.js / PHP / .NET / Python
  • Advanced knowledge of front-end languages including React or Angular, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript
  • Experienced with SQL database systems and MySQL in particular.
  • Team player with good communication skills, and fun to work with.
  • High-level project management skills.


  • High-level project management skills.