Our Team

Nevvon: The team

At Nevvon, our team is dedicated to maintaining a client comes first attitude. A careful and considerate approach has been integrated into building our programs to inspire both client and frontline staff, while creating accessible educational
growth and success. Our mission is to remain at the frontline of technology to enhance the training and learning experiences for high turnover professions, to seek out higher quality on-the-job performance, to boldly take these industries where no one has taken them before.

In August 2017 a compilation of members from various professional worlds collided to improve services in healthcare and other service oriented industries. The Nevvon team comes with extensive experience and back- ground in healthcare, civic and business platforms to help companies improve their services and improve outcomes.

  • James Cohen
    Nevvon Co-Founder, CEO
  • Tal Arad
    Co-founder, COO
  • Deborah Rothenberg
    Co-founder, Partnerships
  • Judy Cohen
    Co-founder, Chair